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4 Little Changes to Improve Your Search Results

Updated: Feb 22, 2023


Over the years, I have spent hours searching for jobs, and sometimes, the results confused me. It can be highly frustrating when you know what types of roles you are interested in, but the results are just off. Between my searches and assisting my clients through career coaching, I have found these 5 tricks that have been helpful and resourceful.

Change #1 -Use Your Time Wisely

We're all pressed for time. The last thing we want to do is spend endless hours searching for opportunities. Try this: Most search engines allow you to set up job alerts. You can adjust the frequency to how often you want to receive the notifications.

Pro tip: Block out 30 minutes to 1 hour a few times weekly to ensure your alerts are accurate.

Change #2 - Increase Your Online Presence

Of course it's essential to search, but having a social media presence is easier then ever. Have a Facebook account? Join some career related groups. LinkedIn looking dull? Fill out every section (including a photo!) to build connections. I can help you with that here:

"52 Million Users Look for Jobs Through LinkedIn Weekly" - The Social Shepherd

Change #3 - Stop Feeling Stuck!

Evaluate what is working and what is not. Not getting interviews? Revaluate your resume and your approach to applying. Interviews but no offers? Look at what you are communicating within the interview.

Change #4 - Study the Job Description

I have heard from clients the same response when expressing their job search frustration. "I've applied to 100 jobs and nothing!" Most of the time, it is because the job description is not being properly examined. Cross reference the role and ensure those skills are on your resume before applying.

Let's connect to discuss here:

Remember, on average, it takes between three and six months to find a job, even when you’re actively looking. But with the changes I have shared here, you’ll cut the length of your job search in half, as you’ll easily be able to identify the challenges you’re facing and work your way around them!

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